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Brian Mc Cann trading as Diamond Tool Supplies is a company that supplies stone cutting, polishing and processing machinery to the Stone Industry in Ireland.
We have a mobile showroom calling to counter top factories and fireplace & monument workshops with a complete range of machinery, Pentax diamond Blades and consumables. We specialise in wet cutting machines, profiling tools, Nicolai CNC tooling, DK flexible diamond pads (wet & dry), Stovax fireplace accessories, Elkay adhesives, sealers plus various other products. We also provide a maintenance and repair service.

This page offers just a sample of our products. For more information on our complete range of stone products please contact us on 0862533249 or email us at

Abaco Products:


The compact design of the Abaco Little Giant Lifter will help resolve the issue where head room is a problem.

The white rubber on the ALGxx-W's is non-marking rubber to keep material from getting unsightly marks during handling procedures.



The Abaco Rhino Slab Rack is ideal for storing slabs of different sizes. The RSR010 is sold with two base rails and twenty poles; the RSR005 has twelve poles; the RSR004 has ten poles. The base rails have slots every two inches so poles can be repositioned to accommodate varying thicknesses of slabs. Handles are on the sides of the base rails allowing for easy movement. Rails are rubber lined to protect material from chips and scratches. The poles are either rubber capped or lined to further protect material.




  • Sturdy structure, designed to eliminate any risk of slabs tipping over.
  • Slabs are placed on a special rubber profiles and secured with four ratchet securing bars.
  • Contains an extra storage section in the center that is ideal for storing tools.
  • Frame features two eyelets which can be used to pick up the frame with an overhead crane.
  • Built in brackets on all sides for forklift transport.
  • Four 6" heavy-duty removable casters included.



The Abaco Self-locking Dollies are heavy duty, all terrain dollies. The rubber is vulcanized to the jaws to prevent chips and scratches of finished work pieces. They are designed with self-locking jaws for maneuvering stone slabs around the shop, warehouse and job site. The self-locking jaws' clamping strength is proportional to the weight of the slab. Therefore, the heavier the slab, the greater the clamping strength.




The Abaco Dehydrator is a dehydration system for the fast collection and trapping of the abrasive mud produced by machining and finishing marble, granite, and other stone. The Dehydrator is an economical, one step method in separating sludges and slurries from water. It is constructed of stainless steel and consists of four basic components: electric pump, mud holding tank, clean water tray, and filter bags.




  • Revolutionizing the Industry!
  • Quick snap straps for quick and easy fit.
  • Made of a double layer of the highest quality material for extra protection.
  • Velcro strips help quickly access polishing pads.
Aprons are available with customized labeling with your company's logo.



The Abaco Carry Clamps are designed to safely lift and move slabs without the use of a forklift. The durable, rubber padded handles reduce hand fatigue. Ruber lined jaws protect the material and prevent the material from slipping. The weight of the slab exerts sufficient clamping force for such simple clamping devices. These clamps help you work more efficiently on smaller jobs by eliminating the need for a forklift.




  • Designed to support slabs for polishing, sharpening, cutting, and many other purposes.
  • The top is covered with rubber to protect slabs from chips, scratches, and other damages.
  • Folds for compact storage and easy transporting.
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight



  • Rubber lined sturdy working table.
  • Build in brackets allow you to create different work stations.
  • Independent adjustable feet.
  • Collapsible for easy transport.
  • Constructed of 18 guage 50mm square tubing.
  • Available with or without casters.

Graphtec Products:

Integra Products:


Manufacturers of premium quality Solid Sufface Adhesives, Quartz Adhesives, Natural Stone Adhesives, Composites and Granite Adhesives.

  Custom colours and cross refence charts are available upon request.

Mondial Products:

Manta Aluminium from 650mm to 1.5 mtr available






Manta Eco from 1.5 to 3mtr






Manta Poker Auto 3.2mtr cut




Nicolai CNC Tools:


The Nicolai CNC tools are amazingly fast and quite working leaving a perfect finish  without lines, at speeds of 120 inches per miniute and above.And improved longer garenteed than you exsisting tools.

Fast tool set up on machine, as feed and speeds are written on the box




UltraGlo JoyLT* Wheels

CNC Diamond rubber polishing wheels for granite and composite stones, most common shapes available in stock, 20 and 30 mm radius tools


Pentax Blades:

Pentax Performer Dry Cut Blades

Innovative blade granting outstanding performance

All sizes availible 115,125,230,300&350mm all ex stock




#1 Bridge Saw Blades for Quartz & Granite

Blade with a 15mm diamond height which guarantee a combination of excellent finish, high cutting speed and longer wear on any granite; the Laser welding enable to work in total safety.
Version with sandwich steel core also available

All sizes ex stock 250 to 800mm

Prussiani Products:


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